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Dear Borkenstein Alumni and Friends of the Course;  It is with regret that we have to announce that the December 2020 iteration of the Robert F Borkenstein Course on “Alcohol and Highway Safety: Testing, Research and Litigation” will not be held due to uncertainty around the ongoing pandemic and decisions made by Indiana University to keep campus facilities closed or restricted through May of 2021.  

We have also received feedback from many of you about the understandable difficulty in getting approval for travel from your agencies, especially through the end of this year.  We have considered putting the course online, but after much debate and acknowledgement of the significant component of the program that relies on class and faculty interaction, networking and discussion, and the fact that the course has over 35 hours of content, we decided that an online format would not meet the historic needs of the students and attendees.

We are pleased however to announce that we have scheduled the next in-person iteration of the Borkenstein Alcohol Course on campus at Indiana University in its traditional format June 27-July 2, 2021.   We are also moving the course to the spectacular IMU Alumni Hall venue (, to allow for better social distancing during class, and a slightly larger class size.  Subsequent to the June 2021 dates, the course will revert to its traditional May and December time frames.    We are optimistic that circumstances around the pandemic will have receded by next June, and will permit us to proceed with these dates.  In the event that this is not possible, we will consider offering a version of the program in an online format in the first half of 2021 in order to ensure that it continues to be the critical public safety resource that it has for the last 60+ years.

Please get in touch if you have questions or suggestions about the program or our plans.    Also, please sign up for the LinkedIn Borkenstein Course Alumni group ( as a forum for getting community feedback on your alcohol and driving impairment questions.


Barry K Logan
Executive Director,

Patrick Harding
Associate Director

Indiana University Center for Studies of Law in Action

More than 5,000 students from the United States, Canada and around the world have attended our programs over the last fifty years, taking the knowledge they learned on the campus at Bloomington, IN back to their laboratories, departments and agencies. The courses, founded in 1957 by Professor Robert F. Borkenstein, inventor of the Breathalyzer, and a leading early proponent of traffic safety research, have consistently offered world class training for forensic scientists and technicians involved in testing and testimony for alcohol and drug related traffic safety programs.

Our instructors are among the best known names in their field from around the world, and all are involved in investigation, research and testimony on alcohol, drugs and traffic safety topics. We continually update our course content to ensure it reflects the issues of concern and interest to our students. Visit our faculty pages to see the current lecture topics, summaries and resource documents.

Special cake celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Robert F. Borkenstein Alcohol Course
Executive Course Director Dr. Barry Logan cutting cake commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Robert F. Borkenstein Alcohol Course
Faculty member Pat Harding answers questions from students at the May 2015 class
Students listening to class discussion at the May 2015 class
Student takes notes during class discussion December 2015