Bruce Goldberger, PhD
University of Florida College of Medicine

Barry K. Logan, PhD
The Center for Forensic Science Research and Education

Amy Miles, BS
Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene Toxicology Section

Jan Ramaekers, PhD
Maastricht University, the Netherlands

Lionel Raymon, PhD
NOVA Southeastern

Jeff Teitelbaum, MLIS
Washington State Patrol Crime Lab, Seattle WA

Jayne Thatcher, PhD
Virginia Department of Forensic Science

Joseph Turner
Muncie, Indiana

Dan Isenschmid, PhD
NMS Labs

Karen Scott, PhD
Arcadia University

Marilyn Huestis, PhD
Huestis & Smith Toxicology, LLC

Justin McShane Esq.
The McShane Law Firm, Harrisburg PA

Doug Beirness, PhD
Canadian Drug and Alcohol Research Team, Ottawa, ON; Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse and Addiction

Sherri Kacinko, PhD
NMS Labs

Richard Romer, AAA
Washington, DC

Recent Presenters and Former Faculty

John Lacey
The National Roadside Survey and Crash Risk Assessment

Nathalie Desrosiers
Marijuana: Effects on Human Performance and Behavior and Crash Risk

Laurel Farrell
Recommendations on Analytical Testing in DRE Cases

Todd Landgren
Defense Approaches and Tactics in DUID Litigation

Stephen Talpins
Presenting Drug Impairment Evidence in Court

Alain Verstraete
The DRUID Project
Per Se Approaches to DUID Legislation in Europe and the U.S.

Chip Walls
Evaluation of SFST’s for Detection of Marijuana Impairment

Jill Yeakel
NSC CAOD Survey of Analytical Practices in Laboratories Serving DUID Programs

Simon Elliott
Benzodiazpines and Anti-convulsants

Janette Flintoft
The Los Angeles Oral Fluid Project

Jennifer Harmon
Opiates: Effects on Human Performance and Behavior

Chuck Hayes
The DRE Program

Jared Olsen
DUID Case Testimony

Jeff Sifers
Per Se Approaches to DUID Enforcement
Responding to Defense Tactics in DUID Cases